A Python written Linux Google Reader Notifier

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There are a few ways to reach us for support:

- For technical support go to our forums and search if there aren't any threads involving yours so you might find your answers there. If there aren't any you may start a new thread, and the Developing Team or the community will answer it as soon as possible!

Link to forum:

- Have you found a bug concerning GrNotify (yes, even Kristof ain't perfect) then you may report it to us. But first check if you have got the newest version of GrNotify as some bugs might have been reported before, and could have been fixed by our Development Team. So go to our Download page and check for the current version!
If you have got the newest version and the bug is still there you can walk through the current bug reports on this page.
If your bug ain't already reported you may fill out a new bug report, our Development Team will then look into it and try to fix the bug.

Link to fill out a new bug report:

- Or maybe you just want to contact one of our developers for your compliments, idea's or anything else (if you want to insult them, I don't blame you) you may contact them using the following email adresses:

Kristof Bamps (pirate monkey lover):
Bram Bonne (pirate boy):
Eric Lembregts (your humble servant):

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